Why you need to start saying “no”

Are you someone who struggles to say “no”? If you’re nodding your head, you could be putting your business, relationships and health in danger.

A survey conducted by TSheets by QuickBooks of US small business owners, found that 37.9% missed family or social occasions a few times a year because of work. Moreover, 42.8% said they worked 50+ hours a week and 24.1% of business owners said they work at least every other weekend too – I feel exhausted just typing this, never mind doing it! The incredible thing is entrepreneurs don’t need to be doing this to achieve more.

We live in a “yes” culture. It’s seen as the gateway to success – by saying yes to everything, we open ourselves up to new experiences that we learn and grow from. Great, right? It is, except when we start saying “yes” just a bit too much. As soon as we start agreeing to do every offer that comes our way, the benefits of saying “yes” quickly fade away, and in fact, we become less likely to succeed because of sheer burnout.

Stop wasting your time on things that won’t help you or your business progress

Most experts agree that the much less celebrated “no” is actually where success can be found. Fear of missing out is a key reason why so many entrepreneurs find it hard to say “no”, but you need to change this mindset if you want your business to succeed. This might sound difficult, but it’s easy when you can see the positives of doing so. By saying “no”:

  • You’re less likely to burnout
  • You’re more likely to focus on the tasks that will help your business get ahead
  • You’ll have more time to say “yes” to the opportunities that will help you achieve more.

Every time you’re tempted to say “yes” to something, remind yourself of these points! Of course, you don’t need to say “no” to everything. There’s a quick way to see whether an opportunity would benefit you. When you next receive an invitation, take a step back and evaluate the pros and cons of the opportunity. Will it help your business? Is it a valuable networking event? Can you learn anything? If the answer to these questions are “no”, then let the person know you can’t attend but make sure your response is filled with genuine gratitude – this will keep the door open for future, more beneficial invites.

Overall, in the words of Warren Buffet (a man who knows quite a bit about success): “Really successful people say no to almost everything.” He knows it’s quality not quantity that matters when it comes to the invitations he receives. There’s huge power in saying “no”, so the next time you feel conflicted about turning down an invite, remind yourself that by doing so, you’re helping you and your business achieve more.

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