Three techniques for guaranteed brainstorming success

This is a question I get asked time and time again. Brainstorming is an activity many entrepreneurs and leaders struggle with and it often ends up being a complete waste of time.

There are tons of issues surrounding brainstorming – not only can it be extremely difficult to keep energy and momentum alive, but it can also be difficult pinpointing exactly why you’re having a session in the first place. I’ve brainstormed extensively over the last fifteen years, using it to grow my business as well as my own personal level of achievement, and it’s helped me realise there are three vital components of a fantastic brainstorming session.

The first is all about planning. One of the most fundamental things to remember when organising a brainstorming session is preparation. I always like to use the example of a birthday. Imagine a loved ones birthday is coming up and you wanted to make it extra special – what would you do? You’d plan and prepare! You’d buy a cake and presents, organise a party, and more. You wouldn’t leave it till the day of their birthday; you’d be too rushed and stressed to make it special. It’s exactly the same for a brainstorming session – if you want to make it as good as it can possibly be, you need to prepare.

Preparation is key to brainstorming success


The second technique you need to do is think as far ahead as you can about the objective of your next brainstorming session. If you have an objective in advance, your brain will silently work hard in the background coming up with all sorts of ideas ready to bring to your session. Your brain will also collect everything you know about the subject and keep the information readily available. Having an objective provides focus, so your brain will work a lot better than if you don’t!

The final component you need is energy. I start all of my brainstorming sessions with loads of energy, because I know after the one-hour mark my team and I will lose energy and concentration, and as a result our ideas will deplete. A lot of people sit down to brainstorm and start slow, building up to their big ideas. But this leads to you having an idea that you’re unable to develop further because you’ve lost all of your energy. By hitting a session hard at the beginning and getting all of your ideas out at the start, you can then spend the rest of the brainstorming session moulding them, so you know you’re only taking your best ideas forward.

Hit the start of your session with tons of energy!

So, if you’re looking to improve your brainstorming sessions, remember to:

  • Prepare
  • Set an objective
  • Start your sessions with lots of energy

I guarantee these techniques will lead to better brainstorming. Let me know in the comments below if you decide to use them in your next session and if they work for you!

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