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Want to know the secret to achieving HUGE success without sacrificing your life?

We’ve all experienced The Wall, that one hurdle that seems impossible to overcome. Whether it’s driving your revenue up, or hitting your sales targets, or staying on top of your meetings, breaking through The Wall isn’t easy especially when you don’t have the endless resources that big businesses do. For so long I was stuck still, dreaming of life on the other side, of success and less work and more time, until finally I discovered the secret to breaking through The Wall. It completely changed my life – now I want to share it with you.

When I started my first business in 2000, I thought to get ahead I needed to throw myself into work – so I did. I worked over 100 hours a week, I travelled constantly, I missed out on family holidays and the memories that went with them. I spent most of my days staring at the bleak, beige walls of my office and surviving on endless cups of coffee and do you know where it got me? Nowhere. Sure, my business grew but it was a tiny amount in comparison to the work I was putting in. I soon realised that I was burning myself out for nothing – no matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t compete with the big businesses – and so I swore I’d never make the same mistakes again. I needed to stop working harder and start working smarter.

I sold the company and soon started my second business – Time etc. However, in my bid to grow the business I quickly fell back into bad habits. I spent all my time working, I hardly saw my family and friends, and I slept in service stations more than my own bed. Once again, I found myself completely exhausted and frustrated. It wasn’t until one night driving home and realising I was going to miss my daughter’s bedtime yet again, it finally hit me – if I didn’t stop the cycle now, I’d never achieve the success I dreamed of.  So, I took a step back, reflected on my experiences, listened to other peoples, and studied how the world’s most successful entrepreneurs got to the top. By doing this, I finally learnt the answer to breaking through The Wall, and surprisingly, it took just three, easy steps.

The OECD (2015) shows that although Mexico works the most, it’s the least productive country

The first – and arguably, the most important step – is all about delegation. When I finally stopped working myself into the ground and started actually studying the secret to amazing productivity, it confirmed my suspicions – working long hours didn’t equal success. The OECD (2015) lists productivity and hours worked in 35 countries. The list reveals that Mexico is the least productive while also having the world’s longest average working week at 41.2 hours. By contrast, Luxembourg, the most productive country, has an average working week of just 29 hours. That’s a huge difference and one that really hit home the importance of delegation. American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach, Tony Robbins, knew early on that if he wanted to succeed he needed support. “I think in the very beginning the hard thing is you think you can only do it yourself and then there’s only so many hours and you’ve got kids and family and friends and how do I do it all? The answer is you hire someone,” says Tony. “I don’t do anything that someone else can do better, and I don’t do anything that isn’t the highest and best use of my time.”

Tony is a great example of someone who understands the importance of delegation and is benefitting massively from it. Through years of studying the world’s top entrepreneurs, I’ve found that they all have one thing in common – an Executive Assistant. Any list of the most influential entrepreneurs around, such as Ranker’s collection of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs In The World, show that behind every incredible entrepreneur is an amazing Assistant. Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Vera Wang, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin – they all have one and they’re the reason why I do too.

I’m proof that working harder doesn’t get you ahead, you need to work smarter. When I worked over 100 hours a week my business hardly grew, but since I started delegating to my Assistant, I now work just 35 hours a week and my business has quadrupled! If that doesn’t convince you that support and success go hand-in-hand nothing will. My research has shown me that getting an Assistant is a rite of passage for any successful entrepreneur. It shows you’re completely committed to your vision and you’re ready to take your business to the next level. Incredibly though, it’s a crucial step many people fail to take – don’t be one of the entrepreneurs left behind The Wall, get an Assistant and get ahead.

Carina Lawson, Founder of Ponderlily, found it impossible to manage all aspects of her business

Carina Lawson, Founder of Ponderlily, was working full-time as the manager of academic operations at a large university, as well as managing her business, when she decided to get an Assistant. She knew she needed one if she ever wanted to break through her Wall – growing her business and finally getting a decent night’s sleep! “I knew I needed help, I was sleeping at 3am or sometimes 4am doing correspondence for our business,” says Carina. “I simply couldn’t run all aspects of it.” Since getting an Assistant, she’s quickly broken through her Wall. “Having someone take care of correspondence, research, and communication with suppliers has made my life so much easier,” exclaims Carina. “Thanks to my super Assistant – who plays a pivotal role in our business – I can actually sleep at a decent time.”

Chuks Agada, who owns an education consultancy called The Agada Academy, is also someone who benefitted massively from investing in an Assistant. “I was working too many hours trying to juggle work, business, and life, and getting an Assistant has made a huge difference in taking the burden off in some of these areas,” beams Chuks. Not only has his Assistant allowed him to get more done without working more, but his business has grown triple fold! “With the help of my Assistant, I’m closer to breaking through my Wall,” says Chuks. “Each day and week gets lighter and lighter. I am now able to work on my business instead of just in my business.” Both Carina and Chuks’ experiences show just how important an Assistant is in order to get ahead. Plus, not only will an Assistant save you time but they’ll also potentially save you millions in the long run.

Yes, you heard me right. Almost everyone underestimates what their time is worth. For every hour you spend organising your diary, or booking travel, or doing research, you’re throwing money down the drain. If you gave your time a number, you’d soon stop wasting it on the things that don’t matter. That’s exactly why I created The Lifetime Value Calculator, so entrepreneurs could see just how precious their time is. Try it out for yourself here – I guarantee you’ll be shocked by the results! The number should make you think hard about where you currently are. I want you to picture your Wall. What is the obstacle stopping you from getting ahead? Too much work? Too little time? Not enough resources? Now, tell me how it makes you feel. Tired? Frustrated? Unmotivated? Finally, make a note of what you’re doing to break through your Wall. Are any of these things helping you? Do you feel confident that you’ll get ahead? Are you focused on your goals? If you’re currently shaking your head, you need to take advantage of the cheat sheet I created as soon as possible.

The Lifetime Value Calculator will show you just how precious your time is

I run a multi-million dollar business while working just 35 hours a week thanks to The Three Steps to Breaking Through The Wall – the life-changing cheat sheet I wrote that will revolutionise the way you work. You already know the first step – getting an Assistant – but the final two are vital if you want to break through The Wall quickly and build on your success. Chances are, if you’ve read all the way up to here you’re one of the many entrepreneurs stuck behind The Wall, unable to realise their full potential. I’ve been there and that’s why I want to help. My cheat sheet has helped me build a multi-million dollar business without sacrificing a single thing. I’m no longer stressed, all of my work gets done, and I have much more time for friends and family. In a nutshell, I’m living my dream – and you can too! My cheat sheet gives you everything you need to break through your Wall, as well as tons of helpful tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years. It’s an amazing tool that’s helped thousands of people achieve the work/life balance they’ve always wanted. Plus, it never stops being relevant – even now, it never fails to keep me focused and motivated!


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