Meet Carina Lawson, CEO of Ponderlily

Carina is the founder and CEO of Ponderlily, an eco-friendly lifestyle company, as well as a Time etc user. Find out why she decided to use the company to find a Virtual Assistant, and the difference it’s made to her life.

Born in Brazil, raised in the Arabian Gulf, and now based in the Middle East, Carina has a wealth of experience in operations management and business analysis across a range of sectors. Currently the manager of academic operations at a large university, she’s also the founder and CEO of Ponderlily! “My family and nature inspire me immensely,” Carina tells us. “This inspiration fuels my creative energy and the work I do at Ponderlily which allows me to make a unique impact in the world.”

Carina with her family

Ponderlily is an eco-friendly lifestyle company that focuses on creating products for mindful living. You can tell it’s a cause Carina is really passionate about, but with her busy schedule she was struggling to get more done. She looked into various ways she could ease her workload and decided that a Virtual Assistant was the best option for her. She knew one could provide quality support, as well as flexibility, and it would cost her much less than hiring a full-time assistant. But, why did she choose Time etc? “I chose Time etc because it’s affordable, they’re trusted by big companies, and they give us the reassurance that all Assistants sign a confidentiality agreement which puts my mind at ease,” Carina tells us.

Most people look for support because they’ve hit The Wall – that one hurdle they just can’t seem to get over no matter how hard they try. They’ve realised they can’t do everything, and they know if they want to break through they need some help. For Carina, her Wall was working long hours that meant she was constantly missing out on family time and sleep! “I was sleeping at 3am or sometimes 4am doing correspondence for our business,” explains Carina. “I simply couldn’t run all aspects of it.”

Ponderlily creates beautiful products for mindful living

Since getting a Virtual Assistant, Carina has quickly gotten over her Wall. With her Assistant’s support, she’s been able to take a step back and focus on the things that really matter. “Having someone take care of correspondence, research, and communication with suppliers has made my life so much easier,” exclaims Carina. “Thanks to Time etc and my super Assistant – who plays a pivotal role in our business – I can actually sleep at a decent time. Our VA is very much part of the Ponderlily team and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

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