How Fergus Dyer-Smith transformed his business

Fergus is the founder and CEO of Wooshii, as well as a Time etc user! Find out why he decided to use the company to find a Virtual Assistant, and the difference it’s made to his life.

By day, Fergus Dyer-Smith is the founder and CEO of Wooshii, a video content company, and by night, he’s a proud father of two and a surfing nut! “Wooshii is a two-sided marketplace for the video production and animation industry,” explains Fergus. “We basically consolidated what is a very fragmented and distributed industry and brought it together into one place so that brands and companies can easily scale their video production needs.” The creative process is his main motivation, he tells us. He loves seeing the “stuff” in his head become reality.

Fergus delivering a talk on startup lessons

Since Fergus founded the company, it’s grown massively. Customers include Google, ebay, and Unilever. But with growth comes challenges. Fergus found that more and more of his days were being taken up by repetitive tasks that were stealing his focus from the more important things. He’d hit The Wall – that one obstacle you just can’t seem to get over, no matter how hard you try – and knew he needed some support. “So much of my day was taken up by tasks that were either repetitive or not helping us move forward,” says Fergus. “I’d just read Tim Ferriss’ book, The 4-Hour Work Week, and decided to try a Virtual Assistant.” The 4-Hour Work Week explains why Virtual Assistants are such a great resource for entrepreneurs, and emphasises why success comes from working smarter not harder! Convinced by its contents, Fergus went about trying out some Virtual Assistant services in the US and beyond, until he settled on Time etc thanks to its five-star reviews.



Since joining Time etc, Fergus has said the difference his Virtual Assistant has made to his life has been huge. He has much more time to focus on the things that will actually help his business grow and he’s much more relaxed! “My Virtual Assistant has made a massive difference to my life,” beams Fergus. “There are so many parts of my life that are now just taken care of and it is so handy to know that almost any time of day you have support if you need it. Booking flights and meetings, doing research and sorting out bills are all just now magically taken care of.”

Thanks to Time etc and his incredible Assistant, Fergus has broken through his Wall and he can’t recommend getting a Virtual Assistant enough. “If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to get a Virtual Assistant!” says Fergus.


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