How empathy can transform your business

By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. That’s a huge number, and when you combine it with the fact that 78% of them cite a lack of empathy as a reason to potentially leave their current company, it shows just how important it is to be an empathetic leader.

Do you consider yourself an empathetic employer? If not, it may be time to change your leadership style. As our society becomes more open about mental wellbeing, there’s a desire for this to extend to our workplaces. Being an empathetic leader is now crucial for success, and leaders who don’t adopt this practice will feel the repercussions.

Empathy is key to being a successful leader

As well as massively increasing retention, empathy also hugely improves the performance of employees. Now, I know you might be thinking: “if you’re an empathetic leader, you can’t make the tough decisions”. But, being empathetic doesn’t mean you can’t make difficult decisions, it helps you make the right hard decisions and deliver them in the right way. You’ll be able to make tough decisions that members of your team will be able to understand and embrace, leading to a culture of trust rather than fear. So, how can you start being more empathetic? Here are some easy tips to get you started:

1.Listen and relate

Employees want to feel heard. Take the time to listen to their thoughts and feelings and build trust by opening up yourself – it’s easier to build trust when both of you share something.

2. Be genuine

Faking empathy is just as bad as showing no empathy at all. You need to be genuine if you want to build trust, and ultimately, keep employees engaged. 

3. Say thank you!

A simple but massively effective way of showing empathy is by saying thank you. In my business, we do a daily appreciation huddle. Whether someone’s done incredible work on a project, raised money for charity, or is just a joy to be around, saying thank you helps the team to feel valued.

Empathy can’t be faked, you need to be authentic

Being an empathetic leader doesn’t mean you have to agree to every employees’ request, but by showing you take their thoughts and feelings into consideration makes you an approachable leader that people can trust. By becoming a more empathetic entrepreneur and leader, you’ll massively improve your employees productivity, engagement, quality of work, and desire to carry on working for you. So, what are you waiting for? Try out my top tips now and let me know in the comments below if you notice any changes.

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