Are you a great leader?

Some people think leaders are born ready-made to take control, while others believe we all have the potential to be leaders with the right tools and encouragement.

Whatever you believe, when you’re running a business it’s vital that you’re a leader and a good one at that! But what is a good leader and how do you know if you are one? There are a lot of bad leaders out there. You know the ones – uninspiring, detached, demanding. They’re easy to spot because they do such a terrible job of the one thing they’re meant to do: lead.

A great leader is someone who people look to in times of trouble and celebration, they’re dependable, consistent and relatable. During my time studying the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, I’ve discovered five key qualities they all have that make them such effective leaders. See if you have any of them below! 

Are you someone who inspires others?

Five qualities that make a great leader

1.They want to help others develop

Great leaders know both their employees and businesses thrive when they help their team to develop and grow. They ignore the hierarchical system that exists in many companies where knowledge is stored at the top and fed down. Instead, effective leaders view everyone as equal and recognise that each member brings an individual and valuable piece of knowledge to the table. This system benefits everyone because team members feel motivated to develop their skills, which in turn, helps the business to achieve more. 

2. They want to change lives

Amazing leaders are passionate about wanting to make a real difference in the world. They want to help makes people’s lives easier, make them more enjoyable, and in general, just make the world a better place! Their aim isn’t to become a millionaire or billionaire (although they’re not complaining if they do!), it’s to make a lasting impact. 

3. They naturally take the lead

Taking the lead doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Strong leaders automatically take the lead when faced with challenging situations because it’s not intimidating to them. It’s so natural that they don’t even realise they’re doing it! This quality is important in a great leader because it gives the people around them confidence and provides reassurance in times of uncertainty, which is something that arises a lot when you’re running a business.

4. They’re constantly wanting to better themselves

This is something everyone should do but leaders especially. You can never know too much – the more you learn, the better you’ll be as a leader when it comes to relationships, business and more. Effective leaders are always striving to better themselves because they know knowledge is power! The fact that they’re willing to put in the time to become a better leader shows their team just how much they care, a point which inspires gratitude, motivation and respect from those around them.

5. They can unite people

This is a very tricky thing to do, but a great leader can bring calm to a situation and people together. They don’t judge, discriminate or berate, simply listen to disagreements and find a suitable compromise. They make sure facts as well as emotions are taken into account when finding a solution and genuinely care about everyone’s happiness. 

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