A look at Cedric Leighton’s incredible career

Meet Cedric. He’s the founder of a successful international strategic risk consultancy and a Time etc user! Find out why he decided to use the company to find a Virtual Assistant, and the difference it’s made to his life.

It’s impossible to not be impressed by Cedric Leighton. During his 26 years as an Intelligence Officer in the US Air Force, he witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, oversaw critical Special Operations missions, established key partnerships with nations in South and South East Asia, worked as the Deputy Director for Warfighter Support and Integration in the Intelligence Directorate at the Pentagon, and more. His role saw him travel extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, and he’s been recognised numerous times with various military awards, including the Bronze Star, the Defence Superior Service Medal, and seven Meritorious Service Medals. After retiring as a Colonel in 2010, Cedric continued his incredible career by founding a successful international strategic risk consultancy in Washington DC. And not only that, he’s since become a Military Analyst for CNN and is currently writing his first book inspired by his love of history – phew!


“I’m motivated by my quest for knowledge – I’m a curious person by nature,” says Cedric. “I love to teach and engage with people. Motivating them to achieve and then seeing that goal realised gives me an unparalleled sense of achievement.” However, being so accomplished comes with a price. With so much work, it was becoming harder and harder for Cedric to focus on the things he was truly passionate about. He’d hit The Wall – that one obstacle you just can’t seem to get over, no matter how hard you try. “I had too many distractions so I couldn’t sit down and take care of the things I was most passionate about,” explains Cedric. “I found myself buried in minutiae.” The Wall is something all entrepreneurs and leaders are familiar with; it can be incredibly frustrating but thankfully it’s something that can be broken through with the right tools.

Cedric knew he needed help if he wanted to break his Wall and get ahead. It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to do everything yourself; we all like to feel in control of our businesses, plus it saves a lot of money. But its not sustainable in the long-term and you’ll actually end up losing money because it’s impossible to stay on top of that much work. Breaking through The Wall can only be done if you’re committed to breaking your bad habits. Working harder doesn’t get you ahead – read any article on productivity and it will tell you it nosedives when you’re overworked. The first step to breaking through The Wall is getting support and that doesn’t mean you have to hire! There are so many ways now to get the work you need done without having to hire a full-time employee – you can automate things, use outsourcing platforms to find people to work with on a freelance basis, or get a Virtual Assistant. Whether it’s marketing, accounts, social, or scheduling, they can do it all and at a fraction of the cost of hiring!

Cedric speaking at an event

In the end, Cedric decided to get a Virtual Assistant and it’s made a huge difference to his life. “It’s almost incalculable the difference my Virtual Assistant has made,” answers Cedric. “I can give her 4 or 5 complex tasks at the beginning of the week, some involving highly specialized research tasks, and usually within a few days I receive a very comprehensive body of research that I can then incorporate into my work.”

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